Goals: Do they SMAC you?

About 50% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year. Of those, only about 64% last after the first month, and the success rate for the year – 8%. Why do we consistently make goals that we know we are destined to fail? Why do we fail when we make these goals? One simple answer, your goal needs to SMAC you.

The biggest reason people fail their goals is in the way they are setting them. To set a good goal you must follow SMAC, a very simple “answer key.”

S- Specific: You must have a clear ending to your goal. You can’t just say, ‘I want to be a better person.’ Well there are literally a million ways you can go about being a better person. Make sure there are guidelines as to how you are going to be a better person. Are you going to donate more time to charity, or are you going to make sure that every day you compliment some one. Specificity is the key to success.

M- Measurable: Many people start the year off with the goal of getting ‘in shape.’ Well how much weight do you want to lose? Is there a certain body area you want to cut some inches off? Do you want to be able to run a 5k in 30 minutes, in May? Making sure you can keep track of your goals in every aspect possible is pertinent. You can only achieve goals based on meaningful, measurable actions.

A- Attainable: This one is pretty self explanatory. Your goal has to be something that is with in reach. You obviously can’t have a goal of making a six figure salary if all you do is play X-box for 5 hours a day, in between your snack breaks. And while some goals are out of reach, if modified, they can become very attainable. Make sure you goal is tailored to who you are, and what you know you are capable of.

C- Challenging: While your goals can’t be completely outrageous, your goal absolutely has to have work involved. If you set a goal to walk a mile in 45 minutes. That is not a challenging goal. If you walk a mile in 45 minutes, that just a little fast than a mile per hour. At that point you may as well just be a piece of choral. You need to push yourself! Take what you think you can do, and go one step further.

Every goal needs a time limit. Are you setting a long term, or short term goal? Think of short term goals as small benchmarks, to help guide you along in reaching your ultimate goal. These have to be intertwined; each one pulling you along to the next.

This all being said, next time you set a goal, make sure is SMACs you.

Peace. Love. LiveWell


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